The sea fortress of Suomenlinna, Finland

The sea fortress of Suomenlinna, Finland

The sea fortress of Suomenlinna, Finland - 1

  • Country: Finland
  • City: Island, located South of Helsinki
  • Address: Suomenlinna Helsinki C74

Finland interesting for tourists not only an amazing Northern nature, forests and lakes, but also for its museums, exhibitions, beautiful architecture and a variety of cafes, restaurants, shops. The country will come to visit as lovers of the Bohemian life and connoisseurs of history. What sights and museums in Finland worth a look? This is a national Museum of Finland and Uspenski Cathedral, and Suomenlinna fortress. The list is long, but let’s pay attention to Suomenlinna, whose name in Swedish sounds like Suomenlinna.

This Bastion, built in 1748 on seven rocky Islands of the Gulf of Finland, South of Helsinki. The founder of the fortress and its first commander was August Ehrensvard. The decision on the construction of these fortifications, adopted after the war, 1741-1743 gg between Russia and Sweden. To this day the fortress walls of Suomenlinna affect its inaccessibility.

More than a hundred years, from 1809 to 1917 Sveaborg belonged to the Russian Empire, which left a significant imprint on his appearance. Still here you can discover the home of our merchants, to see Russian guns, go to an Orthodox Church. Due to the fact that the fortress of Suomenlinna protect the Maritime border on the outskirts of Helsinki, the Emperor Alexander I in 1812 made the city the capital of Finland. Another important for the Russian people fact in the history of the fortress is that it was here in 1811, was born on our great literary critic V. G. Belinsky.

Currently Suomenlinna is an administrative district of the capital, with a permanent population of 850-1000 people. Transport links between the city and the fortress carried by sea. Your choice of ferry or “sea bus” floating in the summer. The departure takes place from the Shopping area of Helsinki every 40-60 minutes, tickets can be purchased here. The journey will take only 15-20 minutes, because the Islands are close, at a distance of two kilometers.

The sea fortress of Suomenlinna, Finland - 2

Sights fortress of Suomenlinna

The remarkable fortress of Suomenlinna? His defensive buildings, museums, souvenir shops. You can visit Islands linked by a bridge, and always find something fascinating.

Attractions Sveaborg are mostly of a military nature, so travelers are very surprised, once in the toy Museum, where Teddy bears, dolls, tin soldiers, made many years ago. However, this Museum has a relationship with the military, because it is located in the premises of the former barracks.

Rages on the Islands rich cultural life, numerous art workshops, regularly hosts music festivals, concerts, exhibitions. Through such an atmosphere often come here to live and work the people of creative professions.

Many interesting sights and museums in Finland are in Suomenlinna, which is worth to visit at least because it is the object protected by UNESCO.