The silent Museum of music in Barcelona

The silent Museum of music in Barcelona

The silent Museum of music in Barcelona - 1

  • Country: Spain
  • City: Barcelona
  • Address: L’auditori Carrer de Lepant, 150

Good to come here in the summer when Barcelona languishing in the heat. It is always cool – the temperature is strictly +19-20° C, humidity of 50-60%. There’s no Windows, there is almost always silent and economical lighting and red tones. Here the Museum of music (Museo de La Musica de Barcelona), more precisely, the Museum of musical instruments.

Its history began in 1921 when the music fans of the Barcelona Beau Monde was donated to the city funds for the creation of the project of the Museum of theatre, music and dance. The basis of the exhibitions of the new Museum was the collection of ancient musical instruments of the theatre Institute, transferred to him in 1932.

The silent Museum of music in Barcelona - 2
Today, the Museum occupies the 3rd floor of the administrative building of the concert hall of classical music L’auditori in Barcelona on Carrer de Lepant and his exhibition about 500 exhibits – a third of the entire collection. Stands of the Museum displayed all the way to the development of musical instruments in the world, mainly from the XVI century. And the oldest of these are aktar, Bengali music instrument, which is more than thousands of years.

The silent Museum of music in Barcelona - 3
The collection includes Venetian archlute 1641, 8 bodies, since the eighteenth century, a rich collection of drums and Tom-Toms, harpsichord, violins, wind instruments, harmonicas, and particularly rich in the Department of guitars, among which, is very unusual. In addition to musical instruments on display there are old record players, phonographs, and gramophones.

The silent Museum of music in Barcelona - 4
Of particular value is the section where instruments of great artists, inventors and performers of music. Here you can see the Stradivarius violin, the harpsichord Arara, saxophone, Adolphe sax, and piano that belonged to Otto Kubuntu, Amadeu Vives, Joaquim Metals.

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But the world of instruments is not mute. The sound of almost every instrument can be heard in audio recordings, and sometimes the Museum hosts concerts, where outstanding musicians are playing on the Museum relics. Because no matter how qualitative our synthesized world of synthesized music, but it is part of our culture, and culture to synthesize impossible – it would be fake.