The Skansen Museum in Stockholm: photo, tickets cost

The Skansen Museum in Stockholm: photo, tickets cost

  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Stockholm
  • Address: 49-51 Djurgardsslatten

The oldest ethnographic Museum under the open sky – Museum – for more than 120 years attracts tourists from all corners of the Earth. The thing is that here in a relatively small area you can see all of Sweden, without leaving the house.

Here are a variety of activities during main national holidays of Sweden: flag Day, the Day of mid-summer, Christmas, Easter, etc. Special interest to the tourists of the events dedicated to the Walpurgis night and Lucia Day, since they are particularly marked, in Swedish: bonfires, choirs, competitions, delicious dishes of national cuisine, etc.

On the territory of the Museum is located one hundred and fifty different estates, buildings, neighborhoods. All “exhibits” refer to the 18-20 centuries. You can visit the Sami camp and see how the lives of the people of the North. The Church Seglora popular not only among tourists but also among residents of Stockholm. In this wooden Church, built in the early 18th century and moved to Skansen 200 years later, prefer to get married a Swedish couple. Constantly there are rites of baptism or confirmation. To see the ceremony, hear the old organ and to see the old painting here daily to crowds of people.

Estates carefully transferred to the Museum, you can see the way of life of the Swedish peasants, townspeople and nobles. Ministers of the Museum dressed in national costumes of the parts of Sweden that represents a particular object. During the holidays, there are numerous artisans, master-classes.

Menagerie at the Museum offers to get acquainted with wild animals living on the territory of the country. Presents and Pets. In the Aquarium, the Museum zoo is an impressive collection of insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish. However, for the entrance to the Aquarium you need to buy a separate ticket.

Children certainly will appreciate the Playground with swings, and the ability to tour all around the Museum on the train.

At Skansen is not working alone, and several souvenir shops. Souvenirs you will have to offer in the house at the spice shop, glassblowing shop and the bakery.

A dozen restaurants and cafes serving the best Swedish chefs just don’t give anyone a chance of visitors to go hungry. Everyone can choose a place according to your taste and wallet. Somewhere you can catch a sandwich and drink coffee, somewhere sells delicious ice cream, and there are places where the wedding to celebrate not a sin, that often happens.

Not a day goes by that the Park did not pass some kind of action, not a festival or workshop. More precisely, you can visit the website of the Museum.

The cost of admission to the Skansen depends on the time of year. In the off season (fall, winter and early spring) – 100 CZK. In the summer the price of the ticket comes to 160 crowns. Children’s tickets all round the year sell for 60, – CZK.

To get to the Museum is very simple: stop of 44 bus 7 and tram are in front of the main entrance to Skansen.