The state Armoury chamber, Moscow

The state Armoury chamber, Moscow

The state Armoury chamber, Moscow - 1

  • Country: Russia
  • City: Moscow
  • Address: The Kremlin

   The state Armoury is the oldest Museum of Russia. It is located in the heart of Moscow, its historical center — the Kremlin. In its halls and funds where most of the best works of Russian and foreign decorative and applied art, which are closely connected with the history of the origin and development of the Russian state.

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   The Armoury collection is unique. It was compiled over several centuries from items treasures of the Moscow princes and tsars. The oldest of the precious relics mentioned in spiritual letter of Ivan Kalita (the first half of the 14th century). And if in his will we were talking about individual things in the early 16th century Ivan III the score was done already in the coffers and chests. Particularly rich was the Treasury of Ivan the terrible: to take their treasures to Novgorod, he took 450 sled! Many jewels, which replenished the Treasury, was made in the Kremlin workshops (before they were called chambers).

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One of them is the Armory (the oldest and biggest) and gave its name to the Museum. It was opened for the visitors after victory in the Patriotic war of 1812. For a long time the doors of the Museum were open only to noble families and wealthy merchants. Victorious in October 1917, the Soviet government made the Armoury exhibits a national treasure, and the Museum became public.

   Armory includes nine exhibition halls. They contain ancient weapons and armour, state regalia and the coronation utensils, ancient books the rare miniatures in precious, utensils of silver and gold, antique carriages, fabric gold embroidery clothing from them…

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But the glitter of gold and silver, not the shining of precious stones and pearls, not a huge material value of goods affects everyone who passes through the halls of the Museum. The objects of decorative art from the collection of the Armory, first of all, amazing high technology and craftsmanship, fine artistic taste and inexhaustible imagination of the masters of the people. Looking at all this wealth, involuntarily come to mind the words of the great proletarian writer M. Gorky: “the Founders of the art were potters, Smiths and smyths, weavers and weavers, masons, carpenters, carvers and bones, gunsmiths, painters, tailors, seamstresses, and artisans generally, people whose artistically made things, delighting our eyes, fill the museums”.