The state Museum of urban sculpture of St. Petersburg

The state Museum of urban sculpture of St. Petersburg

  • Country: Russia
  • City: Saint Petersburg
  • Address: lane Czerniecki, 2

   The state Museum of urban sculpture, St. Petersburg is a unique Museum because in addition to the main Museum activities he has been involved in preservation and restoration of all the monuments located in the city under the open sky.

The Museum is relatively young (since 1939), but has a large area, and even a few branches. In the introduction of the Museum to date, there are approximately 1500 plaques and over 200 monuments. In the Museum there is a workshop in which to conduct restoration work, which involves the majority of workers.

   The state Museum of urban sculpture is the only one. Such a number of models of famous monuments is not in the same city. The exposition of these models allows Museum visitors to see all the monuments of St. Petersburg in a mini-version for 1 – 2 hours. In addition, on each of the models applied abstract engraved with the author, date and the history of the monument.

The most famous exhibits of the state Museum of urban sculpture are the Lazarev cemetery and tombs and the necropolises of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. This is the largest exposure in which you can find tombstones of white stone, and monuments preserved since the 18th century.

   The Museum of urban sculpture in St. Petersburg is one of the most visited museums. The Museum is expanding, which makes it even more interesting for visitors.