The toy Museum in Munich

The toy Museum in Munich

The toy Museum in Munich - 1

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Munich
  • Address: Marienplatz 15

There are a huge number of museums of toys, and one of them were covered on our site earlier (Museum of toys in Sergiev Posad). Today we will talk about the toy Museum, which is located in Germany (Munich).

This Museum is one of the attractions of the city, as its exposition is located in the town hall tower. Toys displayed in the Museum, is a big part of the collection of Czech writer Ivan Steiger. The other part is the toys brought to Germany from all over the world.

The toy Museum in Munich - 2
   Tour of the toy Museum is very fascinating and distinctive. The building has five floors and on the top are the vintage toys and the bottom is modern. Visitors go upstairs via a spiral staircase but also an Elevator for those who don’t want to walk. In the Museum you can see metal, wooden and paper toys. In the German toy Museum even has Russian dolls, which were made in the 1830-ies. Not all toys look presentable, some of them very poorly preserved, but it is only a small part of the collection that, no matter what, has taken a worthy place in the Museum.

The toy Museum in Munich - 3
One of the most impressive collections is the collection of toys, made of bread, during the Second World War, which miraculously survived to our days. Beautiful toy Italian masters. There are toys made of bird feathers and wax. Some toys are hand-painted, which looks very nice.

The toy Museum in Munich - 4
Climbing up the stairs to the 3rd floor, visitors can see the whole toy field, which exhibited cowboys, soldiers, Indians, and even the Martians. Here you can see the toy Charlie Chaplin, Salata Chatting and others. Everyone can look in a kaleidoscope, creating beautiful patterns unimaginable, and watch the toy aquarium with swimming toy divers and divers.

Your children will be happy with a visit to the toy Museum. If you’re in Germany, be sure to go back.