The transport Museum in Stockholm: photo and description

The transport Museum in Stockholm: photo and description

  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Stockholm
  • Address: Tegelviksgatan 22

This place is not among the most visited and popular among travelers. The Museum is located away from the main tourist sites of the old capital of the Swedish Vikings. You can reach it from the city is not very convenient, but from the Marina sea ferries very close. So it makes sense to start getting acquainted with the city of Stockholm with this unusual and interesting Museum.

The fact is that all public transport in Stockholm for more than a hundred years engaged in a joint stock company. Society is rich and successful. Among the shareholders are mainly employees of public transport, as well as citizens. It’s the idea to collect all the samples of cars, buses, trains and trams carrying Stockholmers, since the 80-ies of the 19th century to the present day.

The Museum is constantly growing, evolving, improving. What is the exposure of the institution?

Visitors enter the huge car Park. Here there is a neglected horse carriages for a dozen passengers, trams “tram”, buses, subway trains.

Almost every item you can see not only outside but inside as well (saving only the most ancient and the old). The interior of the restored salons very carefully. Seats look new and are very comfortable, and I want them to sit.

For the sake of “revival” interior vintage vehicles, here are the figures of drivers, inspectors and passengers representing a particular era: in the bus sample 50-ies of the man sitting in a gray coat and a black hat, something reminiscent of the hats Italian mafia, but in the wagon train of 60-ies of the seat collapsed hippies, free and carefree. All drivers, inspectors dressed in uniforms. True… the Figures are all somewhat simplified, resemble mannequins of Soviet times, mutilated storefronts in many cities in the vast country. But soon it just stop paying attention.

Apart from transport presented in the exhibition booths, where they sold tickets, exhibition of samples of tickets for a hundred years is also interesting.

Children will love the large collection of existing models of transport of all samples presented in the Museum.

The easiest way to the Museum take bus number 2. The final stop of the bus, Sofia, and stop near the Museum bears the name of the desired institution, so skip the Museum of public transport simply will not work.

The facility operates seven days a week. Entry ticket cost fifty crowns (children 50% discount).