The Volvo Museum in Sweden, göteborg

The Volvo Museum in Sweden, göteborg

The Volvo Museum in Sweden, göteborg - 1

  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Gothenburg
  • Address: Arendals Skans, 418

The automaker Volvo began its work in the distant 1927. The Museum, telling about history of development of the automotive plant is located near the city of Gothenburg. The facility operates since 1995. To get to the Museum from the city centre on any bus in the outskirts of Arendal. If you arrive in Gothenburg by ferry, the Museum easier to find Marina is located almost opposite the entrance.

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The Volvo Museum invites visitors to explore almost all the models produced under this brand from the beginning operation of the plant. From clumsy and rough models 20-30 years, up to the newest cars. A string of cars of different colors, design, target audience. The famous Volvo trucks – the most extensive part of the exhibition. Among them are many of the models -the winners of the most prestigious international rally.

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Visitors can see the engines for the tanks of the Swedish army, manufactured by the plant.

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The planes of the Volvo was also released, and therefore the aerospace part of the exhibition is present.

Unlike most museums in the world, which are material evidences of history, here you can find exhibits, ahead of its time, the exposition of the future.

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Very popular exhibition of models, not widespread. For example, a car designed by women for women, the car of the type “tandem”, a double model, in which the driver and passenger are seated one behind the other. Cars that run on ecological fuel, also exhibits of the future.

It is interesting to see the evolution of the conveying equipment which is the subject of several halls of the Museum.

The Volvo Museum is constantly updated and expanded. The place is very modern. Visitors have the opportunity to feel like a driver of a large excavator, this here set is the most modern simulator.

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In 1999, the Volvo group was purchased by another giant Ford. That is absolutely not saddened by the Swedes, continued to consider the plant – a purely Swedish company.

Constantly, in addition to the main exhibition, there are a variety of exhibitions devoted to various areas of the plant. For example, a sailing regatta Volvo, which is held annually.

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In addition to the Museum, visitors have the opportunity to visit a large gift shop full of Souvenirs, clothes, toys with the symbols of the Volvo. There are unique collection of rare model cars factory.

The Museum is open seven days a week, but on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the working day of the institution reduced.

The entrance ticket will cost 60 SEK. Children discount, it is possible to buy the family ticket, allowing you to save money.

To visit it is better to choose the first half of a weekday. After lunch and during the weekends it is too crowded.