The wine Museum, France, Paris

The wine Museum, France, Paris

The wine Museum, France, Paris - 1

  • Country: France
  • City: Paris
  • Address: 5 Square Charles Dickens

Among the most respected wine producers – France is leading the way. Paris is just a wine Paradise, and the true connoisseurs of first-class wines will definitely be something to do in this city. Visit the wine boutique Lavinia and wine festival in Montmartre, dinner at the restaurant Silver tower, contemplating the evening in Paris. What could be more beautiful and amazing? Probably only the French wine Museum!

The wine Museum, France, Paris - 2
This Museum is relatively young, but this place has a rich wine history. Local monks used to do here excellent wine. The owner of one of the Paris restaurants is absolutely amazing by the way found the wine cellar at the end of the twentieth century.

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He also became the initiator of opening such a Museum. The originality of the idea lay in the fact that his visitors will not only learn about the features and traditions of winemaking, but tasting the wines and feel the flavor of history. Due to its cellars in the Museum a mysterious and even a little mystical atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. Due to this situation, the Museum seems unusual and it is absolutely not inherent stiffness and aloofness typical of museums. While at it, you imagine yourself visiting a true wine connoisseur who has turned his wine cellar into a true collector’s room.

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In addition to amazing expensive wine collections of the early 20th century, here you can also see a rich collection of the main attributes of wine and the ancient tools of wine-growers. To tell its visitors the history of the art of wine production, the Museum displays wax figures, allowing them to see firsthand the complexity and yuvelirnoi this skill.

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Tasting of fine French wines included a tour of the Museum. As a souvenir you can purchase wines and wine gift sets for any taste.