Transcarpathian regional art Museum, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Transcarpathian regional art Museum, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Transcarpathian regional art Museum, Uzhgorod, Ukraine - 1

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Uzhgorod
  • Address: PL. Zhupanatska, 3

One of the most important places of culture throughout the Transcarpathian region the Transcarpathian regional art Museum. It contains all the best works of artists of Transcarpathia. What about this wonderful Museum we will talk in this article.

The history of the Transcarpathian regional art Museum

   In the Transcarpathian regional art Museum, though not long but very rich history. The idea of the creation and implementation eumeswil the people’s Council of Transcarpathian Ukraine, which on June 20, 1945 issued a decree, which established the emergence of the Museum. This date is considered the official date of the opening of the Museum. At the same time the Museum was allocated a place in the Uzhgorod castle, where after 3 years, he has opened doors. The Museum is loved by everyone. After a year the decision was made to transfer the Museum to the city center. The location for the new Museum was chosen the building, which is one of the architectural monuments built in 1809. This is the place for a long time was city hall, and in 1990 the Museum was renamed and was given the name Th. Th. Bokshay, who was a corresponding member of the Academy of arts.

Transcarpathian regional art Museum, Uzhgorod, Ukraine - 2

A little bit about the exhibits of the Museum

   The exhibits are quite diverse, but their basis is taken from the collection district art gallery. To date, the Museum already has more than 5 thousand exhibits, which cover all the creations of the most famous artists of Transcarpathia. A special pride of the Museum is the icon artwork Dating back to the XVII – XVIII century, which are not just highly valued in the circle of artists, but have very high value among collectors. Also the Transcarpathian regional art Museum boasts many paintings, a very famous international artists such as Jacopo Palma, Lambert Lombard, Vernet, Claude Joseph, the Alban, Francesco and Cornelis Bega. Not to mention a collection of Hungarian paintings and the dates of these creations date back to the XVIII century. These are the Torma, Janos, Laszlo Mednyanszky and ABA-Novak. At the Museum there are paintings by unknown artists that are quite popular is the “Genre scene in the background of the urban landscape” and “Receive ambassadors.”