Trinity Day, Kustodiev, 1920

Trinity Day, Kustodiev, 1920
Trinity Day, Kustodiev, 1920 - 1

  • Author: Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev
  • Museum: Saratov State Art Museum. AND. N. Radishcheva
  • Year: 1920

Overview of the painting :

Trinity Day – Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 1920. Oil on canvas. 110×110

   In this picture, the artist’s delight is easily read. He is delighted by the early summer, the sun, the multi-flower of the walking audience. Everything is flooded with sunlight, joy, fun.

   The artist placed the merchant family in the foreground: mother with daughter, father and young dandy, most likely a potential groom. The company is having a casual conversation.

   Young merchants offer the public flowers and goodies. Carriers roll ladies covering from the sun with light umbrellas. The park is full of walking.

   Trinity is a church holiday. Churches are present in the picture, but play the role of the background, decoration.

   The whiteness of summer dresses, fresh greenery of trees, the gold of domes. All together merges into the atmosphere of a happy summer holiday.