Triumph of Galatei, Raphael, 1511

Triumph of Galatei, Raphael, 1511
Triumph of Galatei, Raphael, 1511 - 1

  • Posted by Rafael Santi
  • Museum: Villa Farneseina (Rome)
  • Year: 1511

Overview of the painting :

Triumph of Galatei – Raphael. 1511. Fresco

   On the mural of 1511. Galatea is depicted fleeing the monster Polyphemus (it is visible below the left) in a huge shellfish that dolphins pull along. Four paths soar above her head, and newts and nereids frolic around in the waves. The fresco was written in an open loggia villa owned by papal banker Agostino Kiji, located on the banks of the Tiber in Rome. The scene in the picture was supposed to reproduce the view from the loggia to the far bank of the river.

   Villa Kiji was famous for its feasts, and Raphael was often among the guests. With great addiction to women, he apparently died from excessive indulgence to his weaknesses. The artist embodied his ideal of female beauty in the image of Galatea and in other naked female figures depicted on this fresco.

   Putti are little boys, sometimes winged, also known as “small cupids.”. In paintings on religious topics, paths can be angels or cherubim, or add a humorous note to secular painting on the theme of love. They often accompany Venus, sometimes at a feast in honor of the goddess they are depicted worshiping her statue.