View of the port, Paul Bril, around 1607

View of the port, Paul Bril, around 1607
View of the port, Paul Bril, around 1607 - 1

  • Posted by Paul Bril
  • Museum: Borghese Gallery
  • Year: Around 1607

Description of the picture :

The view of the port is Paul Bril. Around 1607. Oil on canvas. 107×151
   Born in Antwerp, Paul Bril (1554-1626) moved to Rome at the age of twenty, where he experienced the influence of Italian art. However, his work is more likely to belong to the South Dutch school, and this picture is especially: it resembles the bright, carefully written and at the same time shrouded in the single air of the landscape of Peter Braigel the Elder.

   With Brahegelian sea species began in his homeland, whose life was closely connected with the sea, the art of marina, which grew in a whole direction in Dutch and Flemish painting. The Bril Marinist depicted in detail a large ship and light green water of the bay, which is plowed by light waves with milky scallops. In the transparent air, distant port facilities and ships in the background are visible. Closer to the audience are characters that revitalize the landscape: they are busy with their own affairs, forming genre scenes in the picture. The work is designed in bluish-greenish tones, but red details of the clothes and flags flare up with bright spots. The lines of ship’s gear create a whimsical graphic drawing, and all the painting is thorough, detailed, and therefore dry: the master does not so much convey the feeling of the sea as a natural element, but tells about life near it.