Walk, Karl Brullov – overview of the painting

Walk, Karl Brullov – overview of the painting
Walk, Karl Brullov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Karl Pavlovich Brullov
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1849

Overview of the painting :

Walk – Karl Brullov. 1849. Watercolor. 30 x 46 cm

   Karl Brullov was trepidated on a painting technique such as watercolors. Watercolor is a great solution for painting when you need chamber shape, plastic figures and freshness of a coloristic solution. Here is the watercolor “Walk”, written in Madera, is distinguished by beauty and brightness.

   The plot is striking in its simultaneous exotic and simplicity. Originality is reflected in an unusual wagon harnessed not by thoroughbred stallions, but by two oxen. Meanwhile, the calm faces of the heroes of the picture confirm the idea that such a outlandish entertainment is a routine for the rich public of Madera. The picture depicts real personalities, among which the Duke M. Leichtenberg, Prince P. Bagration, Brullov himself and his student Zheleznov.

   Brullov not only captured the original scene, but also inscribed it in a magnificent landscape, which literally “brightens” from the inside with bright sunlight, giving all the work a special appeal.

   From the first moments, the viewer is doomed to a thorough examination of an extraordinary wagon, which is not immediately and will notice three horsemen on beautiful graceful horses. Then the look rushes to other elements of the work, which are written out very carefully – from the smallest movement of the leaves to the careless rotation of the head.

   For a long time, watercolors were considered lost, and only by a lucky chance was found at the granddaughter of the artist Zheleznov in Tallinn. Today, magnificent watercolors are located in Russia, in the collection of Boris Gribanov.