Winter on the river, Jan van Goyen

Winter on the river, Jan van Goyen
Winter on the river, Jan van Goyen - 1

  • Posted by Jan van Goyen
  • Museum: Dresden Gallery
  • Year: Unknown

Description of the picture :

Winter on the river is Jan van Goyen. B / g. Wood, butter. 68×90.5
   Researchers note a characteristic feature of the artist’s style, which attracts the attention of an ordinary viewer – the horizon in the paintings of the painter is placed quite low, therefore, the sky occupies about two thirds of the canvas area. This is probably due to the fact that the state of the sky – whether it is clear or of varying degrees of cloudiness – unusually affects the visible color of large water space, which, as a rule, depicted a painter and gained fame for this. Although the presented work does not say the sea, but the winter ice-bound river, the sky still plays a very important role. At the works of Goyen (1596-1656), it is never cloudless, blue or blue, but always covered with clouds. The artist’s canvas is made in a one-ton picturesque manner. Usually cloudy, foggy days are depicted.