Women’s portrait, Correggio (Antonio Allegri)

Women’s portrait, Correggio (Antonio Allegri)
Women's portrait, Correggio (Antonio Allegri) - 1

  • Posted by Corredjo
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: Around 1518

Overview of the painting :

Women’s portrait – Correggio (Antonio Allegri). Around 1518. Oil on canvas. 103×87.5
   The genre of the portrait is quite rare in the work of the Italian master of the Renaissance, and the picture presented is the only work of Corredjo (1494-1534) stored in the Hermitage.

   The image of a beautiful young woman in contrasting brown-white mourning clothes under the canopy of the laurel, which probably symbolizes her poetic talent, is mysterious. The trunk of a tree, accused of ivy, means love and marital fidelity. A vessel hints at the loss of a loved one, on which the name of the oblivion grass from ancient Greek mythology is written. Of the many versions of who are represented on the portrait, the most likely is Ginevra Rangone, the wife of Jangaleazzo da Corredjo, who belonged to the order of the Franciscans and widowed in 1517. According to another assumption, this is the poetess Veronika Gambara, the patroness of the artist, the wife of the ruler of the city, Corredjo Giberto, who died in 1518.