Wounded, Gaspare Traversi

Wounded, Gaspare Traversi
Wounded, Gaspare Traversi - 1

  • Posted by Gaspare Traversi
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: Around 1750

Overview of the painting :

Wounded – Gaspare Traversi. Around 1750. Oil on canvas. 101×128
   Gaspare Traversi (1732-1769) is one of the most original and subtle Neapolitan artists of the 17th century. He was a good psychologist and storyteller, so his compositions are filled with a variety of nuances of human experiences. The painter worked on religious compositions: scenes from the life of Maria in the church of Santa Maria del Aiuto in Naples in 1749, Old Testament scenes in the church of Sao Paulo Fuori de Moore in Rome in 1752 and others. In the Italian capital, the artist lived since 1750. In genre paintings from everyday life, Traversi, according to Italian art historian Roberto Longi, followed the character of drama with real characters from the Neapolitan comedian B. di Linereri, extremely popular before the reign of the Venetian Carlo Goldoni at the theater Olympus.

   “Ranny” is a good example for understanding the handwriting of a painter in such compositions. The action takes place seriously: the wounded man really suffers, he is sympathized with a sweet lady and other family members (possibly father and mother) who remain in the shadow of the background, a dandy doctor tries to help and is already preparing a medical drug pharmacist. A whole filled space still embraces a dense “node” of three figures in the foreground from below from the shadow. However, the situation itself is written and compositely shown to the viewer so that the ironic background of the author’s plan is immediately revealed – by the bird expression of the face of the doctor, and the forced posture of the afflicted. The simplicity of the artist as a consumer is hard to believe.