“Young Gardener”, Kiprensky – overview of the painting

“Young Gardener”, Kiprensky – overview of the painting
"Young Gardener", Kiprensky - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by: Orest Adamovich Kiprensky
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1817

Overview of the painting :

Young gardener – Orest Adamovich Kiprensky. 1817. Oil on canvas. 62 x 49.5 cm

   In this picture, the artist was able to fully demonstrate his talent as a virtuoso portrait painter. The image of the boy is very realistic, voluminous and vibrant. He has in his hands a tool for trimming plants and collecting grapes. Obviously, on a hot day, he got tired of work and decided to take a break, leaning on a low wall of wild stone, dilapidated and overgrown with small flowering plants. He has very beautiful dark eyes and thick hair, and the youthful tenderness of his skin is perfectly conveyed by the master.

   The young age of the model is felt in its hands. They are still beautiful, without corns, not loaded, hard work has not yet affected their condition. As masterly as the appearance of the gardener, the texture of his clothes was also transmitted. A lightweight simple canvas shirt does not seem rude, because the folds on rolled sleeves look soft, well-draped.

   Due to the gentle and implicit color and the special tenderness of the image, the picture gives the impression of a very chamber, lyrical image that pleases the eyes of each viewer. No wonder this canvas, written in Italy and first shown in St. Petersburg, had a huge impact on the artist’s contemporaries.