Zimin Aleksey Vladimirovich

Zimin Aleksey Vladimirovich - 1

  • Date of birth: 31 June 1995
  • Date of death:
  • Country: Russia


Artist Alexey Zimin and his unique authorial identity.

Alexey Zimin is a bright representative of young generation in modern Russian painting. To date, it has earned worldwide fame artist, whose works are willing to buy for their collections of famous patrons and wealthy clients. However, a couple of decades ago (and Alex was born in 1995), the future genius of the art industry, lived with his parents in Ulyanovsk, where he went to school.

Unusual gift to the young lover of art began to manifest at an early age: the boy’s talent revealed teachers of fine arts, which were regularly sent to exhibitions of the work of Alexei. Drawing lessons helped the young artist find his unique identity, consisting in the development of a special painting style, which was named “artnatura”.

Zimin Aleksey Vladimirovich - 2A habitable planet
The main stylistic principle of this genre is the abandonment of traditional methods of applying paint, where instead of brushes used natural materials. The philosophical concept of the method “artnatura” is based on the use of such means of visual expression, as freshly picked grass, fir or pine cones, the foliage of trees. Picture created using eco-friendly tools that allow thin to transmit the worldview of the artist and to convey to the audience his aesthetic views.

The range of interests of Alexey Zimin

Being a popular artist, Alex finds time for other creative pursuits. The diversity of his inner universe manifests itself in a wide range of interests of the young person. Professional photography requires a lot of skills in the art of lighting, which fully demonstrates Alex, as for the understanding of the fundamental laws of composition, you must have a developed artistic flair.

However, photography is not only hobby of the young author. In sixth grade, Alexei Zimin began to get involved in modeling activities. Many hours of meticulous work on the design of manned models displays the perfection of the character of the artist, which allowed him to participate in the regional competition submitted to the competition by sailing ship “Santa Elena” and the aircraft “CESSNA”.

Zimin Aleksey Vladimirovich - 3Through the clouds

The cultural background of Alexey Zimin

Artist Alexey Zimin — comes from an educated family with a classic bourgeois values. Realizing the necessity of higher education, after graduating from high school number 33 in Ulyanovsk, the young man entered the Russian State Social University in the Department of information technology. The prospect of the programmer’s profession gives confidence in the future and minimize risks associated with the inevitable instability of creative specialties.

After studying in Russian state social University, the artist continued his career-personal search and was admitted to the Department of the law faculty at Moscow University. Active citizenship Alexei Zimin and his interest in the field of law that determine this choice, supporting the activity of the painter a knowledge of current legislative framework and helping it to protect its interests in the event of a conflict, as it was an attempt of theft of the painting “the seasons” at the airport in Kiev.

Zimin Aleksey Vladimirovich - 4Nebula

A retrospective review of creativity of Alexey Zimin and his contemporary works

For twenty-odd years, the artist Alexei Zimin took part in many prestigious events in the art world. As mentioned above, the first art event for young talent was school and city exhibition, held in the home for the painter Ulyanovsk. Then Alex gained organizational skills, having own debut exhibition “Spring colors” in the library. Aksakov in 2013.

A little later, the artist began to develop in his work the subject of space, seamlessly interspersing work on the earth’s landscapes and phantasmagoric landscapes of other planets. In April 2016 in the framework of the exhibition, devoted to the cosmonautics Day, the audience was presented from 3 outstanding works by Alexei Zimin, “Nebula”, “Habitable planet” and “Through the clouds”.

Spring 2016 was a fruitful period in the artist’s career. Along with the space theme Zimin has addressed urgent social issues, taking part in other socially significant exhibition “Health of the nation” and introduced to the audience 2 canvases with exaggerated grotesque doctors, on the contrary, details are depicted of drugs.

Zimin Aleksey Vladimirovich - 5Early autumn
Patriotism and personal involvement of the artist to the state symbols are clearly seen in its regular exhibition entitled “Vladimir Putin after a rest in the Crimea.” Specially written for a contest dedicated to the Day of Russia, this painting shows the Russian President, standing at the podium, surrounded by national flags. Aware that critics warmly embraced this work, and expressed hopes for further professional development Alexei Zimin and wished the author of creative achievements.

Today in the creative Treasury of famous artist you can see not only the pearls of infinity lyrics (“Red sunset”, “Sviyaga”, “Autumn”, “the cherry”), but also amazing examples of abstract painting (“Triangle, circle and square”, “Papa fruits”). According to recent reports, one of the best works in the style of neo-cubism has become a resident of the capital, forced for the sake of buying “Triangle, circle and square” to sell the apartment.

The motto of Alexei Zimin are his words for motivating the creation of new masterpieces: “Today you are better than yesterday, and tomorrow you’re the best”. How to explain my point of view the artist should not strive to be like the others, you need to develop your own personal style and to contribute to the artistic heritage of the nation through its own uniqueness.