Global Forever Stamp, Its Power, and Significance

In this world where everything is moving towards digitization, and we’ve all but forgotten the physical act of writing, there is one thing that still carries the charm and elegance of the traditional world – stamps. Today, I’m going to take a moment to discuss a unique kind of stamp – the Global Forever Stamp, specifically a beautiful piece known as the Poinsettia stamp.

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10 Best US Postage Stamps

The use of US postage stamps dates back to 1847, serving as a means to certify that the postage fee has been paid for a mail’s conveyance. The diverse assortment of designs of US postage stamps has evolved considerably throughout time, showcasing an array of subjects from notable individuals and significant events to depictions of nature, art, and popular culture.

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TOP-5 the Most Expensive Postage Stamps

most expensive elvis stamp and TOP-5 the most expensive postage stamps

1. Package of 100 Sheets of the Most Expensive Elvis Stamp – Issue 1992

1185$ (the price for the full collection might be more expensive)  – These Elvis Presley Postage Stamps were published by the US Post Office in 1992. These stamps of good quality are very hard to find. This is the most expensive Elvis stamp, it is really rare. Very few amounts of people own such Elvis postage stamps, and it is extremely difficult to find them for sale at a normal price. Continue reading “TOP-5 the Most Expensive Postage Stamps”